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Introduction to Laminating Techniques
2 Days - Sat/Sun

Layup Plies.jpg

Where it all Begins

Cost: $500 cdn


2 Days - Sat/Sun (typically) 8am-4pm

6 Students max


  • None

Required Equipment:

  • Closed toed shoes

  • Long pants/long sleeves or personal disposable chemical resistant painters coveralls/apron (can be purchased from Compositech for $20 if notified in advance)

  • Approved Respirator (if you own one. If not you will be supplied a dust mask)

This is the course that starts your journey into the world of composites.

It can be intimidating with all the technical terms and specialized skills but though our courses, in a non-intimidating home garage environment, you will learn the basics required to complete your own composite projects going forward. 


During this 2 day weekend course you will:​

  • Learn what composites are and their applications

    • A little history

    • Learn what a composite is

    • Learn why composites are so good at what they do?

    • Introduction to the applications and industries using composites

  • Learn the basics of composite materials

    • Introduction to reinforcing fibers​ (Carbon fiber, aramid fiber (kevlar), fiberglass)

    • Introduction to matrix systems (Resins)(thermoplastics & thermosets)

    • Understand why we choose one material over another

    • Understand damage tolerances/strengths of the different materials

  • Learn to work with carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass and epoxy

    • Understanding and planning shop layout and required "environmental" needs

    • How to plan your project

    • Understand why we perform a "dry run" before actual layup of project

    • How to layout and cut composite materials

    • How to laminate your project and prevent voids in laminates

    • Understanding cures and how the shop environment (temp/humidity) affects them

    • How to safely and accurately trim/drill cured composite laminates

    • How to safely assembly of composite materials without damaging them

  • Learn composite safety

    • Understand SDS - Safety Data Sheets

    • Understand the dangers​ of working with composite materials

    • Understand what "Sensitization" (allergic reactions) is and how to identify it

    • Understand what PPE - Personal Protective Equipment is, when & how to use it

    • Understand and apply safe work procedures with composites

  • Learn the importance of shop and process cleanliness

    • What are "contaminates/inclusions"?

    • Learn why contaminates in your composite structure are detrimental to the end product.

    • Learn how to prevent contaminates from being in your product through cleanliness.

    • Learn why manufacturers use a "clean room" vs "home shop" 

    • Learn why clean gloves prevent frustration and increase success 

  • Create a fun project that locks in foundational knowledge learned during course using carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass and epoxy.

  • Have fun through an open and fun learning environment in a home garage

  • Have the required understanding and skills to move to the next step and further courses

  • Certificate of completion

Prerequisite: None. This course is the first step for all our Composite Foundations Classes


Basic safety equipment will be supplied such as: dust mask, safety glasses, disposable gloves. Must bring disposable painters coveralls/apron (chemical resistant).


Deposit: Non-refundable $100

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