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If you do not see a course in the list you would like to attend, please contact us so we can help with upcoming dates for that course or any questions you may have.


Please make sure you have checked if you have completed the prerequisite course for the course you want to attend. The only course that doesn't have a prerequisite is Introduction to laminating.


Please complete the registration form to book your seat in the course you would like to attend. Seats in each course are available on a first come first serve and sell out quickly. Booking through the registration form is the best way to book your seat as it doesn't rely on you getting a hold of us by phone. Thank you for your business!

Class sizes are limited to 6 students per class at this time so book quickly!

Book Your Seat!
If there is a prerequisite course, have you completed that course?
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We will contact you for payment.


Thanks for registering!

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