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Introduction to Vacuum Bagging Techniques
2 Days - Sat/Sun


Under Pressure

Cost: $600 cdn


2 Days - Sat/Sun (typically) 8am-4pm

6 Students max


  • Intro to laminating

Required Equipment:

  • Closed toed shoes

  • Long pants/long sleeves or personal disposable chemical resistant painters coveralls/apron (can be purchased from Compositech for $20 if notified in advance)

  • Approved Respirator (if you own one. If not you will be supplied a dust mask)

Now that you have the knowledge and experience from "Introduction to Laminating Techniques" you can move onto making things lighter, stronger and without defect through applied pressure using a vacuum bag. When done correctly, a vacuum bag uses materials to "bleed" excess resin in your part while at the same time releasing any trapped air/gasses during cure from between laminates while applying balanced force across the part surface. This makes for an exceptionally light & strong product. Using a vacuum bag for composite shapes requires special laminate planning techniques to prevent "bridging" and "twisting" of laminates so we teach you those techniques practically through the course project.

During this 2 day weekend course you will:

  • Be introduced to the various ways of applying pressure to composite structures

    • Weights

    • Vacuum bagging

    • Autoclave

  • Learn the basics of vacuum bag construction and application

    • Introduction to vacuum bagging materials

    • Learn the vacuum bagging materials "stack up" and how to apply it to your project

    • Learn how to properly seal a vacuum bag and how to apply pressure

    • How to perform a leak down test & leak troubleshooting

    • Learn vacuum bag tricks for "pulling best vacuum"

  • Learn how to perform composite lay up inside of a mold for best final product

    • Learn how to properly prepare a mold using through cleaning and applying release agents so you can get a quality project out of the supplied mold

    • Learn to plan laminate plies and orientation within a mold​ and still achieve desired design requirements

    • Learn when to "prepreg" plies or not

    • Learn why mold cleanliness is the foundation of good vacuum

  • Create a fun project that locks in foundational knowledge learned during course using carbon fiber and epoxy.

  • Have fun through an open and fun learning environment in a home garage

  • Have the required understanding and skills to move to the next step and further courses

  • Certificate of completion

Prerequisite: Introduction to Laminating - Next step and prerequisite for all classes moving forward.


Basic safety equipment will be supplied such as: dust mask, safety glasses, disposable gloves. Must bring disposable painters coveralls/apron (chemical resistant).


Deposit: Non-refundable $100

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