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Terms of Service - The Fine Print.


Compositech is a business that provides educational training that specializes in working with composite materials. Composite materials are dangerous and hazardous to work with and often require the person working with them to accept health risks. Many of these health risks can be avoided with the use of personal protective equipment. It is the responsibility of the student participating in compositech classes to protect themselves using the equipment supplied by compositech or personal equipment supplied by student at the approval of the instructor. Risks include but are not limited to: allergic reactions such as rash and irritation, blindness, carbon fibre, kevlar and fibreglass slivers....

In the event that a student has an allergic reaction or is found to be "sensitized" to composite materials, then Compositech will work with the student and get them any required medical help at the students expense.


Compositech courses are filled on a first come first serve basis with priority given to those that complete the online registration form and submit it. Any students that submit a registration form after the course is full will be notified and given the option to register for a course at a later date.



Upon signing up for a Compositech course in composite processes of any kind, the student agrees to paying a non refundable fee (see course description for fee amount) to cover materials and process requirements. If the student is unable to attend the course they booked it is up to the student to contact Compositech to fond a possible solution. This could be pulling someone else off the wait list or the student finding a replacement for their spot. If a solution/replacement cannot be found then Compositech will keep the non refundable fee (see course description for fee amount).

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